On Saturday February 28th, 2015, Real Vancouver celebrated their 5th Anniversary at thisopenspace Gallery on Columbia Street in Vancouver’s down town east side.

It was a great night. Full house, many prizes were given, great people and great readings.

We are 5.

And we’re bringing you 8 of the best writers in the city. And it’s going to be good times.

Come celebrate the vibrant, diverse, and ridiculously talented writing community of Vancouver as Real Vancouver Writers’ Series alights at 434 Columbia Street for one monster show on February 28th, 2015.


Carleigh Baker – indefatigable bookseller, canoeist, confidante of Carrie Brownstein, crafter of memoir.
Jennica Harper – poet, RVWS alumni from the original Olympics Editions, pure sunshine.
Jen Sookfong Lee – novelist, broadcaster, RVWS alumni from the original Olympics Editions, haunter of hospitality suites.
Amber McMillan – poet, islander, friend of many Easterners, our friend, too.
Rachel Rose – Poet Laureate of Vancouver, award-winning poet, essayist, fictionist, literary sh*t disturber.
Sun Belt – experimental literary multi-media project.
Chris Walter – the O.G. of independent authors. Been doing it since before you even thought of it. He wrote East Van, Beer, and I was a Punk Before You Were a Punk. Self-published under GFY Press. RVWS Alumni from the original Olympics Editions.
Daniel Zomparelli – yes, that Daniel Zomparelli. Honcho of Poetry Is Dead Magazine, author of Davie Street Translations. Serial collaborator. RVWS Alumni.

Hosted by Dina Del Bucchia and Sean Cranbury.

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