May 30, 2024:


Can’t Lit Podcast

A podcast on all things Canadian literature.
Hosted by Dina Del Bucchia and Jen Sookfong Lee.

Podcast Episodes

113 – Can’t Lit – Emily Riddle

Hello! This month we have the incredible writer, artist and library professional Emily Riddle! We talk about her wonderful poetry collection The Big Melt, tattoos, the importance of friendships, her luring people to Edmonton, and a lot of talk of snacks. As usual! There are some big laughs, and Emily saying some very insightful things, of course, Jen being very real in her emotion corner and  Dina hates the horrible Spence Diamond ads on the radio. 

112 – Can’t Lit – The Superfan Talk Show! Live!

Hello listeners! And Happy New Year! This month we present a special treat: a recording of Jen’s Vancouver launch of Superfan, at The Refinery on January 29th, 2023. Dina hosts, Jen reads, then Dina asks Jen some real hard hitting questions! And there are multiple special guests! Andrea Warner and Shawn Hitchins tell Jen their pop culture nightmares, and she does some pop culture therapy with them. David Ly and Doretta Lau are subjected to Dina’s Superfan Quiz Show! And finally, out musical guests, A Giant Woman (Cynara Geissler and Hannah McGregor) treat everyone to the Gwyneth/Huey ukulele cover of all our dreams. It’ll be like you were there in the room! Happy listening!

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111- Can’t Lit – Live with Hannah McGregor!

Happy Holidays! We talk to friend of the podcast, Hannah McGregor about her new book, A Sentimental Education, and so much more!


  • Jen tells us her perfect lipstick application process
  • Cocktail, weed and mushroom delivery
  • The White Lotus (Jen’s favourite characters might surprise you)
  • Dina wants you to watch Enlightened!
  • Hannah has some Emily of New Moon feelings
  • Our highs and lows of 2022
  • And Dina makes Hannah and Jen play a Cozy Christmas Mystery Quiz
  • Someone burps really loud! It was Dina
  • Dina talks a lot about Jennifer Coolidge
  • Hannah’s perfect “What Can’t You With”
  • Appearances by cute pets!

Thanks for listening to us in 2022 and we’ll see you in 2023!

109 – Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen – Asking Each Other

Hello! We are here for the last episode of summer! Dina and Jen go sans-guest, not sans-fards, and talk to each other about literally whatever they feel like! Both prepared questions the other had no idea about. Topics include: writing stuff, emotion stuff and fashion trend stuff!  But what stuff? Better listen to find out!

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108 – Can’t Lit – Emma Healey

Wlecome to summer! We have a glorious guest to cool things down with  sparkling conversation, Emma Healey! We talk about her new memoir Best Young Woman Job Book, prose and prose poetry, writing about life and money, and bringing pugilism back to the literary. Also, bringing farm animals to the literary world. We have fun! 

This episode pairs well with an icy beverage!

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107 – Can’t Lit – Francine Cunningham

Hello! It’s short story month and we talk to the multi-talented poet, writer and all around lovely person, Francine Cunnnigham about her new short story collection, God Isn’t Here Today (Invisible Publishing 2022), how she writes character, how darkness and humour work together and what she’s got coming up next. Jen gives some emotionally astute advice/thoughts and Dina talks about HEMORRHOIDS! Find out more about Francine at

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106 – Can’t Lit Live! with Jason Purcell, Jónína Kirton & Tolu Oloruntoba

Happy Poetry Month! Sure, we waited until the end of the month to record out latest episode, but it’s a pure poetry delight with three absolute superstar poets: Jason Purcell, Jónína Kirton and Tolu Oloruntoba. We talk about their new books, Purcell’s Swollening (Arsenal Pulp Press), Kirton’s Standing in a River of Time (Talonbooks) and Oloruntoba’s Each One a Furnace. In addition to three stellar interviews Dina gets Jen, Jason, Tolu and Jónína to play a game of Name that Celebrity Poetry Book!  Who will win?!

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104 – Can’t Lit – Naben Ruthnum

Hello! This month we talk to the incredible writer and lovely person, Naben Ruthnum! In this episode we talk about his new novel, A Hero of Our Time, writing compelling dialogue, writing with humour,  lies as storytelling, and so much more, including a tangent on Naben’s cat and there are some important Rosie interjections. Rage and emotions and so much more! It’s a fantastic conversation and very fun. 

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103- Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen: Start Me Up

Happy New Year! We’re here to shout into mics for another year. In this episode Dina and Jen talk about getting back to writing, what it looks like, or doesn’t, how they keep notes, and what gets them back into their manuscripts after time away. They also weigh in on some important celebrity news! 

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102- Can’t Lit – Can’t Lit Holiday Fun Times Live!

Happy Holidays! Another live episode to celebrate the union of Can’t Lit and Real Vancouver Writers’ Series. Dina, Jen are joined by Sean Cranbury as co-host to talk about books we loved this year, what we want to leave behind in the literary world and what we want from 2022. And we’re joined by special guests: Meghan Waitt, nathan dueck, Daniel Zomparelli, Dolina and Henry Del Bucchia! Listen, laugh, love! LOL! We love you all and wishing you the best, and Happy New Year! See you in 2022, kiddos!

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101- Can’t Lit – Ellie Sawatzky & Isabella Wang

Two poets! You bet. In this episode Jen and Dina talk to debut poets, Ellie Sawatzky (None of this Belongs to Me) and Isabella Wang (Pebble Swing) about their new collections out now with Nightwood editions. There is chatting about going from chapbook to full length collection, paying tribute to poets that came before, and narrative poems. Jen is feeling her feelings and Dina is angry about some stuff and there is one very surprising What Can’t You With.

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100- Can’t Lit – Can’t Lit Live 100!

Hello everyone! We finally made it to 100! This episode was recorded live in Crowdcast on October 22, 2021 and the guests were members of the audience. Daniel joined the regular hosts and Dina and Jen share 100 minutes of rage and emotion. Featuring appearances by: Sean Cranbury, Jenna Lyn Albert, Bianca Spence, Paul Vermeersch, Roxan Marucot, Cynara Geissler, Hannah McGregor, nathan dueck, Jake Byrne, Samantha Jones, Kelvin Kong and Meghan Waitt. Thanks for listening!

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099- Can’t Lit – Casey Plett

It’s autumn and time to get cozy with a podcast. This episode we have the talented writer, editor, publisher and delight, Casey Plett! We talk about her new short story collection, A Dream of a Woman (Arsenal Pulp Press), writing with feeling, clothes, short story collection structure, and Wayne Gretzky branding. And to kick off the season, Dina makes Casey and Jen play Would You Rather: Fall Book Edition.

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098- Can’t Lit – Shashi Bhat

Hello listeners! This episode is a delightful treat with the writer, editor and instructor, Shashi Bhat! We talk about her new novel, The Most Precious Substance on Earth, novel writing, pop culture in fiction, writing with humour and, somehow, Woodstock ’99. All that and other brief tangents we know you’ll love, and the usual rage and emotions you trust. 

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097 – Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen

This summer is real warm and his episode’s hot topic: money! Dina and Jen talk about finances, crunching numbers, advances, events, and the strong feelings that go along with talking about what we’re worth and what we’re paid. The dogs are barking (Rosie and her friend Marty) and we open the show talking about one of our faves, Britney Spears. 

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096 – Can’t Lit – Hilary Atleo

Summer is here and so are we, in podcast form!  And we are thrilled to talk to the wonderful, smart and very fun, Hilary Atleo from Iron Dog Books. We discuss bookselling in a pandemic and in general, book discovery and pricing and summer reads. Three booksellers chatting about books and the book stuff. What more could you want? How about Jen feeling some things and Dina raging about onions. And Hilary gives us another incredible What Can’t You With? Listen up and listen in.

Iron Dog Books:

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095 – Can’t Lit – Sarah Berman

Hello pod friends! We are here with an excellent episode and our very wonderful guest, Sarah Berman! We talk about her book, Don’t Call it a Cult: The Shocking Story of Keith Raniere and the Women of NXIVM. We talk about organizing research, the craft of non-fiction, writing about difficult subjects, and hugs in a half-vaxxed world. Jen is emotional about the pandemic, and Dina is angry about technology and food. And Sarah delivers one of the best “What Can’t You With,” answers in Can’t Lit history. Thanks for listening!

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094 – Can’t Lit – Dina Interviews Jen

We’re back! And Jen has a new book of poetry (her debut!) so Dina interviews her about The Shadow List (Wolsak & Wynn, Buckrider Books), and we talk about voice, narrative, big feelings and pleather. And, if you missed emotions and rage, those are back too. Thanks for listening. 



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