May 30, 2024:


Emily Pohl-Weary


Emily Pohl-Weary

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Emily Pohl-Weary’s latest young adult novel, How to Be Found (Arsenal Pulp, 2023)features inner-city Toronto teens who live on a razor’s edge and understand that chosen family is just as important as blood. 

Her audio play, The Witch’s Circle, is a retelling of a Baba Yaga folktale featuring teen girls who seek the witch’s help dealing with sexual assault by a staff member at their group home.

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Emily has also published seven other books, including Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl (YA), Ghost Sick (poetry), and Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril (Hugo Award-winning biography). 

She grew up in Toronto, but now lives in Vancouver, on Musqueam Territory, where she teaches at the UBC School of Creative Writing.


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