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Listening in Many Publics 

Listening in Many Publics 

Listening in Many Publics is motivated by the possibility of a future that is fulfilling, luminous, and held in common.

The book expresses this vision in three long poems which are themselves composed of individual, interlinked poems.

Using a circular structure that resists linear capitalist logics, fragmentation that attunes us to sound over sense, and a hybrid form that traverses both poetics and narrative, the poems speak to the necessity of articulating possible futures, of rehearsing different ways of being, and of returning to material truths, together.

Plural, civic, and political, the poems locate themselves in the many publics that constitute our individual and social being, interrogate that which brings the subject into existence, and ultimately convey an open, hopeful sensibility in the face of the structures and systems they critique.

About the author

Jay Ritchie

Jay Ritchie is a writer, editor, teacher, and English PhD candidate at McGill University.

His work has been featured in MaisonneuveSANDThe Dalhousie Review, on CBC radio, and at the PHI Centre in Montreal. 

Listening in Many Publics (Invisible Publishing, 2014) is his most recent poetry collection.

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