May 30, 2024:


Resonance: Real Vancouver Writing School 01

Resonance: Real Vancouver Writing School 01





Conversations about Craft.

Celebrating the arrival of our new project: Real Vancouver Writing School. Join Besty Warland in conversation with three amazing authors Cayla Czaga, K. Ho, and anthology editor Andrew Chesham as they discuss the anthology and their own writing about the life and craft of writing.

“Through forty-three personal essays, Resonance: Essays on the Craft and Life of Writing brings together insights from writers and publishers across Canada on the practices that fuel their work, and invites readers to join the conversation through a series of engaging writing prompts. The essays collected here include strategies for pre-writing, writing and revision, as well as thoughts on the writing life and the world of writing. Resonance is for any writer of fiction, non-fiction or poetry who has ever wanted a helping hand, a quick chat, or a word of encouragement along the lonely road from blank page to published work. 

Resonance seeks to build community and extend the practice of creativity to writers everywhere.”

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