May 30, 2024:


Panoramica: A Novel

Panoramica: A Novel

Everyone’s afraid of something, but some are afraid of everything.

Panoramica opens with the death of our terrified protagonist, who soon realizes the end of his life is only the beginning of his death.

Eternity’s secrets are revealed one by one as he races through car chases, gunfire, aliens and lizards.

In the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams and Tom Robbins comes the debut novel from the darkly comic mind of Hank Pine that dares to answer the Big Questions:

Where do we go when we die?

What, if any, is the point of love?

What if you were given the answers to every question but had no one to tell?

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About the author

Hank Pine

Hank Pine has offstage fright, and feels much safer when on stage performing. He has written for theatre, comicbooks, and TV shows.

His first novel, Panoramica, was released in 2021 .

He is also a musician, and you can find his album Late Night Spirituals on Bandcamp. 

Hank lives in Vancouver, Canada. 

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